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One can hope that they did.
Not just for the LFE channel but also other low bass including with music. I saw the necessity of a sub back in the early '80s when it was far from the norm. It lends weight to music and lessens the load on both speakers and amplifiers by band limiting the main speakers.
Or maybe they got rid of their overstock.
Reading through the description of that Oppo, it scales/interpolates to 4k but doesn't seem to actually display 4k content, AFAIK.
Could be the subs are at too low a level/volume. I know I much prefer my subs at a louder than recommended (by Audyssey) setting. I have a Behringer amp for my subs and don't listen that loud but setting it higher than recommended sounds far more realistic to me. All of KBarnes suggestions are also very good.
Can hardly go wrong for something that's not only a fine receiver but also a fine pre-pro.
Yes I realize that "tightness" has no "real" meaning but it is used by those promoting the benefits of sealed subs. That's why I used it.
Bill is the expert on this. He has excellent articles that explain why group delay doesn't determine "tightness" in real world cases.
Everyone is "entitled to determine good and bad," not just you and not just anyone else. My opinion on this is just as valid as yours. Get over it.
Given that with movies the power required for the center is at least as much as the L/R a three channel amp would be a better choice.
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