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I just recently dusted off my revue since my htpc stopped working and I haven't had time to look at it. With what I've discovered I don't think the htpc will get nearly the same use as it did previously. I want to pass on what Ive discovered to all google tv users and non google tv users as I believe these apps im going to share make the gtv platform by far the best streaming box available (not local content) If your i ti tirrents you'll wang to download "mitty" torrent...
Oh also I've been trying to download xbmc to my revue but found out I couldnt becuase google tv is the only android OS that google hasn't released the complete NDK for, anyway I downloaded an unoficial build that comes preloaded with all kinds of cool addons, one of which was "1 channel". To my great surprise they have an app specific to google tv in the google play store. Its like tv portal only better,it only has tv(no movies) but it streams them flawlessly without any...
Oh, make sure you go into setting and check the box that allows for app installs from unknown sources. Theres allot of great alternate app stores with great apps out there. Make sure you have a good video player gtvbox now called vimu is great and download loaderdroid and you can download from tvportal as well as stream the content. You will have to sideload it or get it from a alternate market that allows install of non google tv android apps or a fileshare site-or...
No, its one of the many many alternative android app stores. Here is the link:https://www.amazon.com/gp/mas/get-appstore/android/ref=mas_gs_mbl_redir
Its in the a amazon app store and the slideme app store
You guys have to check rhis out if u havent heard if it, all I have to say is download tv portal app and you will not need any other app for watching any tv series or movie ever again, its the cable cutters dream. The interface sucks but version 2.0 is going to have all kinds of bells and whistles.
This is suppose to be the easiest google tv device to root to date.
as I responded in the other thread I dont think your right, you are about the majority but not the other 30 theatres in the US I speak of. I will let you know
Not sure your correct about this either i know the majority will but the 30 in the US I believe have a 4k master. ive been at this nonstop for 3 weeks, il get back to you with the real scoop
thats imax film 3d theres also digital too though. also its 58 theatres in the world are playing it at 4k only 30 in the US in 19 states, theres one in my state, i spoke with the manager at the theater and he said it is a 4k master. from the way he was talking and explaining things i could tell he wasnt a dumb kid but knew what he was talking about. I didnt even ask if it was digital or film, im going to call back. i also have an email in to imax to see if any of the 30...
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