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Yes I'm trying out theaterview, not sure if its the coverflow interface or not. It's definitly the nicest I've seen jr look.
Does anyone used secondrun.tv? How is it?
It kind of is important, that's the whole idea of a media center to me-the way it looks, and the aggregating of different local and cloud based media sources. If I didn't care about looks I could just use a bare bones media player and open my movie straight from the folder location. I use xbmc without any external programs and get hd audio. My main interest in jriver is the red October with lav and madvr. But I would like the bells and whistles too.
Nice I've just read the first two.Yeah in OUAT it seemed like they would just tease you a bit with the main story line and every episode would just be about some nonsense going on in the town for the most part.
Oh, yeah, applies to both though, I think. In GOT they had to spend a lot time getting you familiar with everyone and all the mini stories before moving in a forward direction.
Thanks. Yeah I figured about cable card. Xbmc just recently got 3rd party cablecard support via vlc/psuedo tv. Good news about being to scrape multiple files at once. Where does it scrape from?Why the lack of plugins and 10ft. skins? Is it just because jriver has mainly been an audiophile solution and not full blown htpc media center until semi recently, or lack of programmers? Are you guys working toward any of this, as it seems you have the auio/videophile biz down?
If your taking about GOT, yeah I agree. Realize there's about 10 small stories going on at once and they had to condense 800-1000 pages into 12 hours.
Il try that, is there a way to point the scraper at the folder where you keep your movies so you don't have to do them one by one, I have a couple thousand. That skin looks fairly nice as well, il have to check out the third party stuff. Man, if only you and xbmc could combine forces you would have the perfect media center. I looked at all of those plugins and they weren't what I had in mind at all. Of seemed like 90% were either what you guys call skins(more like themes...
Finally gave up on this show. I wanted to like it, I love fantasys, they're my favorite, but after 10 or so episodes of this I just couldn't take it any more. It's just plain cheesy. After watching so many quality shows on hbo, showtime, amc, and fx and then giving a go at three diferent network shows this season you can really tell the diference. Thank god for game of thrones.
Im trying jriver again for the second time and really digging into it this time. Before I didn't even give it a shot because of how ugly it is upon inital download. I normally use xbmc which is absolutly great as far as plugins and visually but lacks on the video and audio. I have it theater view wich is pretty nice but my question is how do I run scrapers for movie covers (just movie clip thumbnails showing) and is there exstensive official and 3rd party plugin repos...
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