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Good choice. You'll like it.
I'm assuming you want DAC+Amp for computer 2 channel audio. I have standalone ODAC and O2 amp from JDS Labs. ODAC can do up to 24/96, above that everything will be down-converted, also it doesn't support DSD natively, those need to be converted to PCM in software. I don't care about 24/192 (or higher) and DSD. I'm very happy with my ODAC and O2. You won't be disappointed. Or you can buy Modi (24/96 PCM) + Loki (DSD64) + Magni (amp) from Schiit. If you want higher res...
So the hardware was capable of 24/192 but it was restricted to 24/96?And with firmware update they enabled it back to 24/192? AND added support for gapless playback?Is that what you're saying?Thanks
Question regarding 2113ci DAC: The user manual says: Hi Res Audio Support over USB and Network: 96kHz/24-bit FLAC and 48kHz/24-bit WAV, nothing about ALAC But the website says: Hi Res Audio Support over USB and Network: 192kHz/24-bit FLAC & WAV, 96kHz/24-bit ALAC Which one is correct?
I updated my 2113ci yesterday ( March 11) even though the update was expected on March 13. Was that the one that was supposed to fix Netflix? Or there will be another on 13th?
How the media player can prevent the OSD from showing up when it is off?
Quick question: I have cable box, bluray and media player (WD Tv) hooked up to 2113ci. All HDMI. If the input source is set to media player and the media player is off I can't bring up the OSD when I press setup button on remote. When I turn the media player on the OSD shows up. The receiver front display is not affected. With all other sources the OSD shows up normally no matter if the source is on or off. How to fix this? Thanks
129 pages! I wouldn't say it is easy to find what you need.It looks like ThumbGen can do what I want.Can anybody help me with Moviesheets for WDTV Gen 3 using ThumbGenThanks
I recently bought a WD TV Live Streamer (Gen 3) and trying to set it up. I have an external USB hard drive with a few hundred movies and TV shows on it. Mostly mkv, but there are avi and flv files as well. Each movie/ TV show is in separate folder. Questions: 1. The SMP gets and shows the info (director, actors, artwork...) for the files but not folders. Is there a way to see the info when browsing the folders without getting into them? I do not wanna put all the movies...
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