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Coming from a PS3 and their network, I think Microsoft did an outstanding job with the Xbox One. I am actually coming around to Windows 8 OS. I personally think if Microsoft keeps working on the Xbox Live network experience, they will dominate. That is of they do not screw it up too bad.
I switched from a PC to console because I got tired of logging into a hacked server and finding out that I could not play very well. For me age is nothing. I know there have been a few hacks and cheats on all the console systems, but they are quickly removed and banned. If I am going to pay money to play on the Xbox live network, I expect to not run into any cheats. Besides, console on - line multiplayer has come a long way in the last many years. Just last night I...
I am talking about carrier assault multiplayer mode BTW.
What I wish the game maker would do is add the realism of how a giant carrier would act in stormy weather. What I mean by this is after the carrier opens up for boarding, make the carrier rock forward and side to side like it normally would in real life. Then make it difficult to get to each object by having cargo and things rolling around inside that can actually hurt your health.
I played Naval Strike last night for a good 4 hours. I loved it. The boats and the rough choppy ocean made game play epic. I did run into some major lag on two servers. It was completely unplayable. I did find a good server to play on that was fluid. On Top Of That I Got Some Major XP points due to the double XP event going on all day. I also got some nice unlocks. Over all, I enjoyed the game.
Dude, that is cold but funny at the same time.
And this is why I stopped gaming on a PC and switched to console. I hate cheaters.
Who here likes getting into fist fights while in your Titan?
I am really loving Titanfall. The Xbox Live network and servers have held up very good so far. I have not had one issue so far.
Just got done with the in - game training. I think this game is going to be a giant win for Microsoft. Me liky.
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