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and since where on topic, anyone know which slides to use on the break in of a vt25? is the break in even needed, just though one of you experts may know. Or is this a myth.
well then it seems i have my answer, i have some very knowledgeable people that have instructed me to purchase monster over bargain, and these people work in film... so ill take your words for it. I wont find 10$ cables but ill return the $140 cable and get a $40 one... I also need a long cable and this is what got me here, I was informed that ESPECIALLY if its long, as the short cables wont matter, that i would need a better set of hdmi. thanks for help... jeeez lol
and yes i agree they are way more expensive but im pretty obsessive with the picture quality i want. hence why i went more expensive
Well i dont work for monster and i work in film. I was simply asking a question and was attacked for no reason and ridiculed. I just wanted to know the difference. I also know that if the cables are long 5$ cables wont cut it. No insult was meant and im sorry you guys took it as an attack on your cables... I dont believe in using the most expensive cables but i do think quality is important and i returned the rocket fish i had for these and yes big difference.
Now now kid relax, just because I can afford better quality cables doesn't mean you need to get bitter. Everyone knows if you have a 20 ft cable there is loss of image... If none of you know this than you all need to educate yourselves. I wasnt trying to start a fight kids so chill out and try to remain civil.. If you guys want to believe that 10$ manufactured cables will outperform higher quality cables endorsed by the film industry then you are all simply trying to...
Xian, If you have no fact based knowledge backed comments to make, maybe you can buy your budget cables at walmart and let the big boys, who actually know a bit about home theatre engage in discussions with facts. Its a fact that higher priced, better made cable will send out the flow of information better than your walmart 4.99$ cables. Im so tired of these people who work for Monoproce coming on these boards with there propaganda lol
Its actually about seamless transfer of info, the faster the transfer the better the image. Its proven, if you use your 10$ hdmi cable signal from source to output will be flawed as opposed to using good quality cables like these monsters. If your gonna spend 5 -10k on a system you dont cheap out on cables cause it makes the difference
i got a good deal on the monsters, and yes monsters are better when the cables are longer , im just wondering if 950 or 1000 would make a difference.
Hi I just got a vt25 54" my question is i purchased monster hdmi cables , the 950 , they say 120/240hz but the plasma is 600hz? so am i missing something? is there a difference between these and the 1000? Just wondering if anyone else has these?
the un7000 and un8000 both exhibit tons of double imaging and ghosting compared to the plasmas. 3d has been won by plasma hands down
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