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I have a us amp and treo sub for my car since 2004. Never even used. I can't seem to let go of them, I keep telling myself I'll use them very soon. Meanwhile, I went ahead and got a much cheaper system for my current car. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me.
god I HATE bose!! At first I just didn't like them, u know, ok they sell crappy sounding systems for a lot of money, whatever, no big deal. Their and their customers business, not mine. But now that I'm trying to replace my factory bose piece of **** system in my car, I see they always have to be wierd with it and have all this wierd stupid wiring that doesn't easily adapt to aftermarket audio equipment. They piss me off. They know any cheap amp speakers and sub will...
My brothers coming to visit me and I thought maybe I could have him bring my bookshelves from home instead of having to buy new ones. I was gonna call southwest tomorrow and see if they allow home audio speakers to be checked in as luggage, but just wanted to see if anyone has had experience with this. Also, even if they do allow it, do I run any type of risk as far as them being damaged by whatever machines they use to scan and check bags for bombs or whatever?
Update on this thread, hooked it up for the first time two days ago, works good as new. Gave it basically about 3.5 weeks of drying time. One of those weeks it spent in a garbage bag with rice, as people had mentioned above. I'm pretty surprised but extremely happy with the results, many thanks to everyone who gave advice. I think I lucked out by not having the unit plugged in when it got soaked.
Are people really blaming cutomers for taking advantage of black friday deals? So if I see a $150 40" lcd and pick it up, and also see a marantz av receiver at 80% off, I should only get one or the other? You guys do realize that best buy WILLINGLY prices these items as such for black friday, right? And the ONLY black friday experience I've ever had was working as a fry's employee. But its pretty ridiculous to expect people to NOT take advantage of these deals. Sounds...
....aaaand this is why I just illegally download to begin with
I have the monitor 40s and I'm pretty happy with them, and your 70s will blow my 40s out the water. Of course there are WAY more speakers that are WAY better, but for the price (at newegg) I think they're pretty legit
Yea, I see what ur saying, bookshelves will usually sound smaller. You might wanna consider this here, energy tower speakers $130 a pair. Although I think energy and klipsch are made by the same company or something, so u might wanna research it a bit and make sure they don't use the same tweeters. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882269036&nm_mc=BAC-Criteo&cm_mmc=BAC-Criteo-_-Home+Audio+Speakers-_-Energy-_-82269036 I personally haven't seen...
http://www.musicdirect.com/p-15532-wharfedale-evo2-30-tower-speakers-pr.aspx http://www.musicdirect.com/p-15535-wharfedale-evo2-40-tower-speakers-pr.aspx Sorry if this is the wrong area, I didn't see a "deals" section. Mods can move to appropriate place. I just saw this beastly deal and wanted to share with people who are looking for towers. Also anyone can feel free to throw this on the audioholics deal section, I dont have enough posts to start threads there.
^^well, I can say this, people LOVE their subs. I dont know too much about them personally tho
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