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Right. It loads whatever meter (or simulated meter) is connected. But what if you want to compare a session done with one meter against one done with another in the past? Or print out the charts without having to connect everything.td
Since we're on the subject or sessions and reports.... I asked this on the Spectracal forum but got no reply. Why doesn't Calman 5 store the Meter, Source, and Processor info when you save a session? Or am I doing something wrong? thanks, td
I have used Magix Movie Edit Pro for years and find it easy to use. Rescue Video Tapes was not around at that time and I already had the hardware. The nice thing about doing it yourself is you can edit out bad shots and build your own menus. Download the free trial and give it a shot. td
Did you try a reset? Or unplug the projector for a few minutes? td
The other option is to tilt the screen to eliminate keystone. td
Don't know about the PS3 but on my Blu-Ray player the 3D screen size setting is only for the 2D to 3d (fake) conversion. It has no effect on 3D blu-ray disks. td
Adding to the Calman wish list: 1. A pause button. In case you need to turn on a light or leave the room. 2. A useful help file. For example how does this help?: "Pattern Delays – by default we have a small delay on our patterns to allow screens time to stabilize before taking readings. If you are noticing unstable readings one option to improve readings is to " 3. Why is the magnified target inset shown before the reading and not after? 4. +1 on disabling the sound...
I'm in a living room with white ceiling and carpet. I put a piece of black cloth on the ceiling as wide as the screen and extending out about 3 feet to reduce reflection back to the screen. I also had white vertical blinds on the side wall windows. I painted them a dark blue which also helped. I went with the 1.3 gain because of the light loss when watching 3d movies. Some people use a neutral density filter to dim the image for 2d but I don't find it to be too bright.,...
My 25LV is 13 feet from a home made 120" screen. I purchased 1.3 gain white material and built a frame for a total of about $200. Since you're in an apartment that might not be practical. Originally I had screen samples sent from various manufacturers. The first thing I noticed was that the high gain material severely limited the viewing angle. You need to control the ambient light regardless of the screen material. td
The top of the screen should be about 8" below the center of the lens. The Optoma screen calculator will show the exact offset distance for your setup.td
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