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Thanks. Will do. I have yet to mess around, but I'll soon be getting it together and will post the magic.
Thanks. Much appreciated. Just got a 32GB Class 10 card and will give it a go this weekend. My first attempt a few weeks ago used a tripod, but from the rear corner (from behind in one game and through the net in another). In the back/middle makes more sense. I'll download my camera's software and try to learn my way around. I think I'm good-to-go, but will have to figure out how to best process afterwards. Thanks again.
Does anyone have or know of a tutorial for video of volleyball? I did this one, http://corysteiner.blogspot.com , for photography and just started taking video for my daughter's club team. I have a Panasonic SD-60. I can put 1 hour of video (on the highest resolution setting) on an 8GB card and then put that amount on a dual layer -R DVD. I think that maybe I should lower the resolution setting to fit more on a DVD so any tips on what setting, size card and exact...
Quote: Originally Posted by workinghard Hm, suddenly this discussion has become relevant, as I have begun considering the sd600 now...lol geez, im ridiculous. But, on that, how do you go about just burning it? You never need to do any real edits to your video? Can you not tell a difference in video quality? In my case I'm only able to go right from the camera to the burner without any editing at all. I try to film carefully thereby sort of...
Just started using my SD60 this weekend and am extremely pleased. Had an SD600K, but all of the "discussion" freaked me out and I exchanged it. I don't remember the exact figures, but it seems like the 60 has twice the battery capacity as the 600K. The 60, also, is a bit smaller making it easier to carry on the hip (which is my preference when traveling). I use the 60 on the same HD setting that I set on the 600 - "HA". HA puts an hour onto an 8GB card which is...
How do you all like your SD60's? Seems like a nice, tidy package that's easy to use, high quality, not overly complex, good stabilization and so on. Mine should be here early next week. I'll be using it for kids' sports inside and out, family, travel, etc. Thanks.
So, anyway, what do you all think of a Panasonic SD60?
I didn't say that the hysteria was false. In this case I very much appreciate the hysteria. They weren't really that hysterical, but the few posts after that were. Perfectly fine, though, and I thank you.
I'm processing an exchange for an SD60. As far as I know this is the first time I fell victim to internet hysteria. Many thanks.
HA will record one hour of video on an 8GB card which fits nicely onto an 8.5 GB DVD-R Dual Layer blank DVD. HA is the highest HD setting that you can set from the menu. 1080/60P is set by pushing a button opposite the LCD screen, but you may have trouble finding a blu-ray player that'll play it. So, HA wins for me.
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