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Up for sale is my Panasonic 50" Plasma HDTV TC-P50ST50. Purchased new from sears 02/26/2013. It has been calibrated using Disney World of Wonder Blueray. It's in great condition and in perfect running condition. I kept it in great shape, seems brand new. Pickup in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thank you.
Any chance you're coming down to Raleigh North Carolina soon?
TV does support 23 and 24fps. It's ran through HDMI from my computer to my receiver then to my TV.Ah, makes sense that you just need the resolution of display.
This is baffling me and I cant figure out what's the problem. MadVr won't change display rates automatically for me. I have a .MKV that's 1080p in 23.976 fps and actual movie is 1920 x 816. I've set up both 1080p23, 1080i23, 1920 x 81623. And my TV won't switch over when launching file, anyone experience this?
Anyone know the input lag on the 50" model in game mode?
I don't get how a TV sold as 120hz cannot actually display a 120hz image from a PC. How does that happen?I'd like to game at 120hz with everything maxed, that would be great. Although my GTX 780 can't swing that.
Can someone please confirm if the ST50 can display 4:4:4 chroma? If so what's the settings sweet spot to get this? Using my TV as a PC monitor and that would be great.
Let me know what you find. If I'm going to buy a TV for gaming I def want 120hz because 1080p @ 120hz is eventually the future of games if you keep your PC updated enough.
I really hate 3D, so yea 900a would be nice. After reading this thread and seeing the panel uniformity and light bleed on some pictures I think the 802a would get a quick return from me. Although I'm not entirely sure that 900a doesn't have these problems. Also if the 900a does in fact do 4:4:4 that would be great .
Thinking about replacing my Panasonic ST50 for this. What I can't stand about my ST50 - white screen buzz very bad for a monitor you use to browse the web, heat, dithering, video game mode, and input lag. I'm also considering the 900a too. I do about 90% video game playing 10% Movie / TV watching.
New Posts  All Forums: