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Hello Meteor, I cloned the 160 MB Maxtor drive using Active@ Disk Image and got my shows etc on the WD500GB drive however I did not get the added 340 GB space. When I check the space available screen it showed the same space on the new drive as on the old ?? Do you know of a way to expand the partition now that the system has been transferred to the WD drive ??[/i]
Hello Peter M Wilson...I am a Rogers subscriber with my own SA8300HD box and can not get the system to recognize the added space of the WD 500GB I installed...still thinks it is 160GB ???
Did u clone your original internal HD or did you just install a new blank SATA drive in the cable box and it formatted on its own..I own a Rogers SA8300HD box, cloned my 160 GB Maxtor to a WD 500GB drive and my system does not see the extra space ??
when you swapped in 500 WD did you clone the original 160 GB ?? I did it this way and my SA8300 HD box does not recognize the extra space...is there another step to expand the new internal drive ??
I recently upgraded my 160 GB Maxtor to a 500 WD EIDE internal drive in my Rogers SA 8300HD cable box (i own the box) . I cloned the 160 drive but still have only 160 GB of storage..system dos not recognize the extra space. Has anyone in Ontario been able to expand to 500 GB of usable space are you out there Peter M Wilson ??
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