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I was seriously impressed when I watched it. I don't have my 15" ultimax on all the time. I really only turn it on when I watch movies (Something about OTA channels, its like they have the lower frequencies boosted and I always have to play with it so im not rattling my house)God pretty giddy when some of the low teen frequencies played and my feet were shaking
When using ARC is your receiver is ARC complaint, When the TV is turned on, after it "boots" the receiver should kick on as well.
The no lens shift is kind of a bummer but their review sounds promising. I was looking for something the shelf mount above our heads on the couch anyways so this just might be the ticket.
Appears epson is going to be offering a 2D/3D projector Only real detail is that it is MHL enable and will be sporting around 2200 lumens of output Thoughts? http://www.engadget.com/2013/08/27/epson-mhl-projector/
From my own findings and that of other members I have talked to put the TV in the Home Theater setting and give the set a basic brightnes/contrast adjust with something like a disney wow discMyself and others that have had our sets properly calibrated and have checked agree that the home theater setting is quite close to the eye. I have tried Every setting posted on here prior to my calibration and compared them and the home theater setting seems the closest ( to an...
Run the screen wipe or the Pixel Orbiter from the disney wow disk overnight till it goes away
Give the ST60 a try before you rule it out. Anyone who says its unplayable is over exaggerating IMOI think in a lot of cases the "male genitalia measuring" factor comes into play and people want the best set they can get for whatever the intended purpose. Better picture and Lower input lag numbers = bigger genitalia to some.I am probably the biggest whiner when it comes to Input lag or on my computer a frame rate drop and I play a lot of Call Of Duty and Forza on my Xbox...
LOL can't believe I missed that.Anyways I thought that was quite calm? Hmm, guess I don't know myself these days.
I would have saved like I did for you when 2 other people responded in a clam manor letting him know no ill intent was meant towards him and you still had to come out of the woodwork to re-state what has already been said in a fashion that would only stir the pot.
No need to be a smartass. He May have felt a little attacked but he diden't say anything that warranted this kind of response.
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