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^^^^ So, if I understand correctly, the straight stereo/multi analog and Audyssey treated 96khz stereo/multi HDMI inputs are the best musical options the unit has to offer?
Recently jumped on the AV7005 wagon myself, after having used a Denon AVR-3300 pre-amp section for the last several years. The 7005 is now the heart that controls my XPA-1's driving Swan F2.2+ fronts, Rotel RMB-1095 driving a Swan 2.3C+ center, R3 surrounds and C3 back surround. It is a truly melodious ensemble thruout the theater room now, thanks in good part to the Audyssey's fine job!
Thanks Chris. Since I already have all of my activities/buttons/etc... set up for my system, I'm going to leave things as they are. Besides, loading everything manually gave me a great opportunity to learn a lot about the remote's software.
Don't know if this has already been posted, but Hrmony has uploaded the codes for the unit My question now is: If I've entered and set-up most of the codes manually myself, will downloading the file from Harmony modify in any way my activities, preferences or button position settings/on-screen positions?
Pure traditionalist here. If the unit didn't have all of it's streaming features, I still would of bought it for it's A/V qualities and flexibility in set-up.
Quote: Originally Posted by gonk Sounds like a pretty well-behaved unit. In addition to the IR code update, folks might be interested to see that Outlaw has updated their guide and unlocked it (so you can print a copy). Handy for both existing owners and anybody thinking about buying. Here's the post from Outlaw on their site: I've spent many hours learning and adjusting my AV7005 and I'm very happy to have come accross this thread. This...
Quote: Originally Posted by vvv Can you run more than a 7.1 set-up using the Marantz via the unbalanced inputs? ''limited'' to 7.1 inputs and 7.2 pre-outs.
Quote: Originally Posted by schalliol ...and if people are getting local discounts, what have long-time customers been finding discounts to be? Thanks! Paid mine $1499 and haven't seen a single discount anywhere online.
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