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I use the Pinpoint brackets with my 163's, and after the speakers were up for a month or two, I decided to put the screws in. My speakers point down just slightly, and it wouldn't be impossible for them to fall with a little bit of encouragement from the kids (or my head).If these were beautiful $1,000 cherry speakers, I would have come up with a different solution. However, the fact is that the Primus series is a budget speaker, and a little wood filler painted with a...
Do you have a Fry's near by? If so, you could save quite a bit on that package. Otherwise, the price is okay. If you buy each of those items individually today on Amazon, the cost would be $757.24. I personally prefer the 163 over the 153, since there isn't much size difference between them, but others feel differently. If you went with the piecemeal approach, the upgrade would cost you about $20.
Fry's often has the 143, 153 and 163 for around $49, $59 and $69. It's just not usually on the weeks when the 363 is on sale.
Sorry, I misread your post. Those are wall mounts. I have seen people make their own stands, filling them with sand to make them heavy, and then at that point you could strap or screw the speaker down. I went with wall mounts though because I have little kids, and I have a hard time envisioning a stand that they could not tip over.
I have 4 163's mounted to Pinpoint mounts: Amazon Link The clamping action is fairly strong. However, I did decide to use the included screws to provide extra security. I wouldn't do that with beautiful rosewood speakers, but for a plain black speaker like the Primus I don't see much of a downside. I can always add a dab of putty and color it black with a Sharpie later if I need to.
You'll have no problem driving the tower speakers with that receiver, and for a room of that size, I think the towers are a good choice.For the center, I would get the Primus 350 or 351. For me, the 351 center channel was the reason I went with the Primus line. It's big, but it also is responsible for a huge amount of the sound in movies.For sides and rears, I have Primus 162s and 163s (same, just cosmetic differences). I like having the 6.5" woofer, but the 153 would...
I have two sets of these. They aren't cheap, but are very well made and handle the weight well.http://www.amazon.com/Pinpoint-AM-40B-Clamping-Bookshelf-Speaker/dp/B002UV03MW/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1360265759&sr=8-4&keywords=pin+point+bracket
If all that'll fit are 143s, then that's what you'll need to get. I have 163s for side/rear surround, and cross them at 80 hz. If you can only fit smaller speakers back there, then that makes the decision for you.
Many times the product will be on the shelf in the store, but not on the website. I bought some 163's a few months back and couldn't find them on the website, but I called the store and they had many left.
The prices seem to fluctuate a lot. I bet they will drop back down soon. Do you have a Fry's near by? They've had the 363 for $99 on and off for a couple of months.
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