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I've read Ender's Game ~20 times. I've met Orson Scott Card on several occasions and have corresponded with him briefly a decade ago. As you can probably guess, this title is one of my top 5 favorite novels. And even though I don't agree with most of Card's politics or any of his opinions on same sex marriage, I can put those aside and appreciate the novel (and the film) for what they are and what they represent. I saw Ender's Game last night at the iPic in Pasadena,...
I purchased this film on Blu-ray based on this review. However, I was very much disappointed with the move. The audio and video were great. But the action scenes were completely unbelievable--even for someone like me who goes into films like this with my suspension of disbelief knob turned all the way up. The shooting was either unbelievably accurate or unbelievably inaccurate--all the time, every time. And what bad guy decides to use an antique pistol as his primary...
I'm not sure what you mean by "matching" two subs--unless you want to buy AT subs. Or do you want the subs to match the finish of the LRC?As for me, with my 8200e system 11.2 system, I use 2 PB-13 Ultras in gloss black. And thus they match my towers quite nicely.
Have you tried to move the sub? It might be in a really bad position. And have you tried to up it 6db. And are you listening to good demo material? (War of the Worlds pods emerge)
A friend of mine did some audio work on Star Trek Into Darkness and he posted a little note today about his experiences on his blog. I thought that some of his comments might be interesting to sound geeks (or Star Trek geeks). Here's a pull quote to wet your whistle ...http://www.evanschiff.com/bd/articles/quick-and-easy-dialogue-cleanup
I'll play! (fingers crossed)
Can you post a link to the torrent?
You're such a tease ...
Jindrak - Did you remove the link to the .torrent file / link from your post in preparation for the sharing via Seedbox? I can't locate it.
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