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anyone care to share some good sound settings ? im having trouble to find optimal settings.
YCbCr 709 and Expanded.
i didnt copy anything wrong. 42'' tv's have maximum 10 brightness. its just like that. 50'' have more settings and adjustment options.http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/panasonic-tx-p42st50b-p42st50-201203191731.htm?page=Calibration#3d
d-nice settings are for north american models.. and i belive that those settings are for 50'' model. mine is 42''. im using settings from another respectable uk site.42'' and 50''. 60'' and 65'' have different settings.
@ HD Master watching movies and tv is perfect.. but gaming is pain.. game contrast 46 brightness 4 color 28 sharpness 6 gamma 2.2 everything else is off is there any suggested settings on the net ?
i want to report that this tv (tx-p42stw50)sucks in gaming.. input lag is a bitch and im gonna return this **** soon as possible... picture is too dark and i cant see a **** when playing games... however watching movies and tv is ok.. i dont see how some reviewer can give more than 6/10... gaming is important aspect ! you dumb *******s
Thanks for all the replies. Do i have to break in with some video ? Is there a one specific video or i can use some slidshow from internet ?
why its not recommended to play games first 200 hours on this plasma ? i really play a lot and 200 hours its a long period
hallo. can someone please tell me a difference between stw50 and st50 . im living in germany and they dont have st50. also is this tv any good for gaming in xbox ? thank you
I have 550. The picture is sometimes very unclear and that happens on the same scenes of the movies. I have tried all hdmi cables, tv settings, second tv... nothing. I have made two pics and this is BluRay ; http://imageshack.us/g/864/img2146n.jpg/ Do anyone know what is going on with it ?
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