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Agreed. I love the drivecore series and currently still use one on the LS-6's with great success.
NOOOO, Everything is modeled for the darn ultras!!! lol I am just glad to see a horn built specifically around the SI finally.
Using full XLR with the marantz 8801. No hum, VERY slight buzz from center channel as well, but it has to be dead silent to hear it, and I mean dead silent. Just for fun I tried RCA's for a bit and the noise floor definitely elevated, but it still wasn't really all that bad. Full XLR is certainly the best that I have tried though IMO.
I wouldn't call that a small problem by any means man Haha.
I have worked with the cleanboxes pretty extensively back with some previous AVR's. Dont use them for sub duty, but for mains you should be in good shape. Some other slightly better quality boxes that can be found used for a decent prices are the samson s-convert, Henry MatchboxHD, and ati mm100. They all do virtually the same thing, but have slightly better response to much better response in the bottom end. The art will start rolling off at 20hz without a cap switch,...
Haha. Same thing with me. The screen will be the same width regardless. Maybe I will just wait until Rich can get some of those top/bottom masking panels to turn 16:9 to 2.35:1. That could be the best of both worlds come to think of it. The main reason I began thinking about widescreen format is my second row can't see the bottom of the screen with 16:9 content and I don't want to raise the riser any more than it already is so I am kind of at a standstill.
I edited my post as it seemed a bit confusing. I really meant the majority of my viewing is Movies and blu ray concert discs. The thought of widescreen also just intrigues me. Perhaps I will start a thread in the screen section to keep from clogging this one up any more than I already have
Not that area. The real deals are just as loud from what I know. Those dual 80mm and 60mm fans need to run a LOT of CFM's through LG's when used in pro applications. They aren't meant for a 20dB noise floor theater Haha.
Ok so talk me into 2.35:1. I don't game barely at all anymore, still listen to music 80% of the time, and only watch major sports events in the theater. The majority of viewing time my content is movies, and that is pretty much it. Is it a no-brainer for me?
CG, use www.bobgolds.com to look at absorbtion coefficients for all sorts of materials.EDIT: The primate beat me to it Solid. So for movies that switch ratios in the middle for IMAX content, like Tron and TDK, I guess you are kind of out of luck for those particular scenes no?
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