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I very well could be wrong. I stated it because the current Conn's ad shows closeout deal for the tv and figured closeout was becuase it's discontinued. So yeah it's only a guess and I definately may be wrong. Should have made my statement as such.
It is discontinued; Conn's has the tv listed as a closeout deal and this is done when they are discontinued or last year models etc.
It's both.
Bhazard, my tv was also bought from Conns; the settings I tried from you didnt work good on my set. After trying yours I had went back to the thx setting. These new settings have worked better than thx 4 me. I doubt it has anything to do with Conns or date of production. It's probably that no tv is exactly the same etc. Kinda like several same model cars with the same options would all perform differently. It's possible that if I have my set calibrated too, it would also...
Damn Lubenator, I was starting to think that this tv simply couldn't get much better than the factory thx settings, but your settings have improved my picture to what seems to me to be dead accurate. It really looks nice and I again thank you for sharing. I'm curious, if you don't mind sharing, how much it cost you for this. Whom ever did your calibration was good or had good equipment.
Lubenator, wow thanks. Your settings have worked best by far on my set too. Really looks great, I appreciate you sharing this. Thanks bhazzad too for sharing, however Lubenator's settings seem to fit my set much better.
All this crap about 3d not being perfect. I don't think there is such a thing. I recently went to the movies to watch a 3d movie with the kids not even the movies 3d is perfect. Go to the movies and look for imperfections and you will find them there too, maybe not as bad, but they are there too.
Thanks again, I've fully put in these settings now and I hope to enjoy the new view later. Much appreciated bhazard
Thanks for posting this, I would like to ask about one thing. I've applied all except in the night mode just under the "B Brightness: 50" setting, it shows: 20 Point IRE adjustments 60 Red= -12, Green= 0, Blue= -7 70 Red= -6, Green= 0, Blue= -12 I don't see where to apply that. On my tv after/under the "Blue Brightness: 50" setting, it goes to "Apply to All Inputs" Which I chose to do. I should choose to apply to all inputs, correct? But where can I enter: 20 Point IRE...
Agreed, but I guess you can't have it all. Specially considering the price comparisons. At the same point this tv does have very good blacks, it's only when you compare it to a tv such as panasonics vt25 etc that you can really tell it lacks; it does still shine over most other tv's on blacks. Also true, the black border lets you realize the true inc black difference. Honestly though considering the picture and everything else and the price I paid for this tv, I consider...
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