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Here's the latest update info that Sony has on their firmware update page:
Don't know, but the latest firmware enabled the HDMI 2.0 on the 5800. Jump on Sony's support site to look at the firmware notes. As to USB 3.0, is this something that's really needed? I love it for how fast it is for transferring huge files on computers, but will it be that useful for an AVR?
Yes, when I had mine turned ON, it created a flicker that was noticeable on bright backgrounds like whites, blues, etc. Turning it OFF got rid of that flicker. I actually like it more with it off.I have mine in Normal all the time since I don't use the projector more than once or twice a week. Glad to see that it stopped the flicker. Would be interested to see if it stops after you go back to Eco mode in a week or so.
Does it still look that way when you turn off DI (assuming it's on)?
Search is yourSearch is your friend. I used "Search this thread" and looked for "dust blob" and found:http://www.avsforum.com/t/1432437/official-owners-thread-panasonic-pt-ae8000u-us-version-pt-at6000e-european-version/1620#post_23438381
That's what I thought but didn't want to assume. BTW, it's DYI in your sig too. Thanks for posting stuff like this. I'm not very good with my hands so it's always nice to watch you guys do this and it's helpful to have good "how to" pictures if I ever venture into it.
What's DYI?
The "server" option used to be down at the bottom of the network file list with a blue button next to it. It was there, in the UI, in the 83 and, IIRC, the 93 as well. I know it's one of the "feature" requests I sent in about a year ago to Oppo after I noticed it was gone from the UI but it still worked if you used the blue button. Now it just shows the two arrows at the bottom.Maybe if enough of us ask for this to be brought back they'll finally put it back in a...
I really like the Xpand YOUniversal glasses. They work great, are light and come in three sizes. Recently the prices have gone up a bit though. They can also be set up via a computer and the firmware can be updated.
No problems so far. You might want to reset your player to factory and see if that takes care of the issue.
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