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*bump* (sorry I hate doing it)
I'm not an expert in sound equipment, but I know enough to come looking here for answers *grins* (Man this website's looking much nicer since I last visited) I picked up a couple of these guys off of craigslist, and am now just looking to match them with an appropriate amp. It says the input power is 10-100w, was wondering if that's rms or peak. I it's imagine rms, but I can't find any spec sheets for these guys anywhere on the internet and didn't want to do anything...
If there's one thing I want it's the ability to turn my pc on with my remote, and it's what the iMon offers. I'm going to give the iMon a try, and if I it sucks, I can't say that I wasn't warned!Thanks for all the feedback guys! I'll post pics when it's all working!
So much hate for the iMon!! Any reason? And does anyone know if the MCE Remote wake the computer from S3 sleep? Thanks!
bump.. Ok, how about instead, what's everyone else's preference and why? Thanks.
Hey, first post, so I'll try and be specific. I've been looking to build my HTPC and I have all my parts chosen, although I really want an excellent, easy to use solution for controlling and powering on my HTPC from a distance. I've settled on the Mini-ITX form factor, the smaller the better, going with an H55N chipset so it can take a core i3 and a small SSD for fast start-up. This is for internal digital media only, not a PVR. In the end I'm really interested in the...
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