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I built my frames outta 1x2 pine, with a center support or two - painted them black, and wrapped in JoAnn Fabrics deep black velvet. Wrap, and tack a few spot starting at one end, pull as you go to keep super tight. And use LOTS of staples. I used a ton and even today, 2 years later, you can see it slightly waving/sagging - just a little in bright light, but the lights are never on so its not an issue. We also painted the ceiling wth 2 coats of mouse ear black, and the...
I placed 1 of my Chase 15" Cubes behind the screen, the other on the back riser off the way a bit- sounds great, you really feel the bass all around you with the front/back config. Beign piushed my a 1000W amp helps
1250??? In 1 year??? I was lookin thru old pix and saw I hung my projector on Nov. 16, 2011- as of today I have 1250 hours (Panny 3000)... I will say 100 of them are probably from having too many adult beverages and walking out leaving it on, but bulb had powered down- but pix still seem nice and bright- What say ye-- too many hours in a year? During the summer i watch movies wit the kid every night- college football lots- -- Should I replace bulb- its hard to...
is that hanging/mudding and spray texturing plus all materials? Seems right - I page 3800 (hanging/mudding and spray texturing plus all materials ) for 150 sheets - roughly a 1500 sq foot area-
THat is a martha stewart from Lowes- nice pattern for $2 a sq/ft.
120"x 60" DIY Seymore AT Screen-
Holy Crap Man
mistake #1-- you are building a box to sit on.... I don't get it, nothing personal, but i built my space un-permitted (I used licensed workers for electrical and drywall and I supervised all ) - granted, Im never leaving here, but come on- it's a riser??? sorry,nothing personal to you once again, I just hate to see bureaucracy kill innovation - its a wooden platform.... Nice project also! Cm
Buy the material here: http://www.seymourav.com and build a frame. Love my Center Stage XD screen fabric.
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