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 I still would like a comment from you on this aspect of it though: Keystone distortion (to whatever extent) is what we see with our eyes IRL right?
Yeah.  But I'm sure we're going to see this nonsense parroted over and over again for quite some time before it dies down.
 Actually, no, they wouldn't.  Why?  Because they didn't before when LCD display tech was even worse.
Ask him if you need a $1099 1m cable in order to get the best picture.
 There was NOTHING in that Korea Herald article to support this crackpot idea at all!  Why was it posted in the first place, and why was it coupled with "It might be more than that I'm afraid" ? And one of those sources, refers circularly to the other.  AND NOTHING STATES ANYTHING AT ALL CONCLUSIVE. Not only is there no official statement from Samsung regarding this, there isn't a reputable place anywhere reporting it.  "blog.gsmarena.com"????  If you google the phrasing...
 LOL!  Thanks for the chuckle man.  The funniest @#$% in life is always the true stuff.  Every time.  And I do feel your pain. In computing, there hasn't been ONE FIOS rep, or ONE Comcast rep who I didn't have to completely REeducate on just WTF a network is and how it works. As far as TVs, the average sales grunt is roughly midway between a walking meat puppet and Rain Man.  HOWEVER I did meet two guys at my local Best Buy that actually did know what they were talking...
 Please call it CDO.  In alphabetical order, like it should be.
 Confusing question.  Here's why. With everything "off", the R550A will faithfully reproduce inputs of 24p/30i/30p/60i and 60p directly frame for frame at 1080. Note: as an aside, the R550A also has the ability to take 1080p120 in, and will display it in the corner, but will discard frames ("frame dropping" or "frame discarding" are a couple terms you'll see about this with TVs).  To get 120 actually output you'll have to drop the input feed to 720p, then you'll get...
 No we're talking about the same thing, I was just incorrect about this. Image Distortions in Stereoscopic Video Systems
 I understood what you were saying: it's why I said "further".  Not "natural"?  You understand that this also happens when you look at something IRL, right? By the way, even with parallel cameras, what's preventing this effect?  The right camera will still receive a taller image from items that are closer to it (the right side of the box), and vice versa, parallel or not.
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