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 He said Amazon Warehouse.  That is from Amazon (Amazon at that point is the vendor) and is covered by the Amazon policies in full.  This is not technically a FBA where you get the Amazon return policy but the money still (partially) funnels through a vendor.  I've read through all that fine print many times and clarified it with a representative over chat.
I looked carefully last night and I think my TU's are dead-on at least.
 +1 and thumbed up.  I'm very sorry everyone.
 Hey.  I want my 84,762 thumbs up back (plus the initial 10). Just kidding.  keepthe10
^^^fix quote.  :)
 What's far funnier is how people are supposed to judge the qualities of OLED TVs by looking at the posted pictures of them ON THEIR PIECE OF CRAP COMPUTER MONITORS, TABLETS, AND PHONES! (LOL)
 It's how my monitor is set up.
 Yep.  That's the adaption I was referring to.  Pretty cool stuff that, and that experiment was very famous.  What I hope for someday is for the poor folks with macular degeneration that we can one day transfer the image (broken up as it might have to be) to the functioning part of the retina, with the hopes that the brain would learn to patch it back together for them over time.  A friend of mine has been interested in this for some time.  [[SPOILER]]
 The "upside down"ed-ness of the image against the retina is the simple function of a lens.  All lenses (including the pin-hole in the pin-hole camera) will invert the image onto a focal plane.  The point though is that there is nothing to even ponder about regarding it.  It's not any more curious than if it were sideways or even right-side up.  To illustrate, if it magically were the case that the image were right side up in the back of the eye, not one person would say:...
 It's just not a storefront I've heard of before.
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