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Thanks jdsmoothie. Your point about it being one of the last updates may well be a very valid one.
I've asked this before but I didn't receive a real answer: why are the internet radio Favorites lost after an update? It does remember all other settings, the 'normal' radio stations and even the 'recent' internet station that I played. Last time I got the advise to save the config.dat before the update and then load it back afterwards but I only received an error. When I looked in the file with Wordpad I saw it was all empty, but I now managed to get one that contains...
Thanks for responding. Actually, no, I haven't. All other settings seem to be kept after an upgrade, so I never thought of saving the config file. Would it solve my problem? I guess I then need to restore the config file after the upgrade?
My apologies if this has been posted in this thread already but a search did not reveal an answer to my question: Whenever I do a firmware update, all my internet radio station favorites are wiped. Is there any way to prevent this?
Quote: Originally Posted by kwanbis I sure will. And?
Quote: Originally Posted by jdsmoothie Does it matter if Network Standby is ON or OFF? Mine is ON, but I will try to test it with OFF.
I've got the same thing but it seems only an issue with the remote. If I use the cursor keys on the front panel It IS possible to change station or another favorite. Can you confirm?
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