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Where does the time go? It has been far too long since I've posted here! The lights are still working great GWCR. No issues since the one loose connection. As for the rest of the theater, it still gets used daily by my family. Last weekend I was home and had the chance to watch "Now You See Me" and "World War Z". Both were entertaining, especially "World War Z", which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. Now for what has been keeping me busy lately: That's...
Road trip!
Those puppies are beautiful damelon! Congratulations!
The supplies and returns to my theater are flex duct through dead vents. The only rigid ducting above the theater supplies other rooms. It doesn't actually connect to the theater in any way. I believe that this is Greedo's situation as well. In that case, since it is completely outside of the soundproof aquarium, I didn't worry about it and it hasn't been a problem for me.
1. Yes 2. No. That duct will be outside of the double drywall and Green Glue aquarium so I wouldn't worry about it. I didn't do anything to the duct that supplies the room above my theater and it hasn't been a problem.
This made me laugh so hard. Poor RTROSE...
Happy Easter RT! I hope that you had a great day with your family. I'm glad to hear that your sub is working again. It must be nice to put that smaller Klipsch back in the other room.
This one should be fun to follow. It looks like a great space!
You can have a very nice space in just about any size room. My theater seats four and is 11ft x 12ft. I love my room, but I did have to make some sacrifices because of the smaller size (false wall, two rows, etc.). For the next build, I'll definitely be looking to have some more space.
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