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Can you give me some examples of the most useful functions that you can accomplish with your setup (or a remote with a screen) that can not be accomplished with the remote of the Smart Control? I am trying to figure out if I will need that kind of functions, and if yes how often, so I can decide if the Smart Control would be sufficient or not.
Thanks. Can you suggest some specific models of remotes and RF systems? If I can get the same thing for less it would be great, and I would actually prefer to be able to do everything with the remote without the need of a smart phone. But from my initial research I couldn't find anything that would meet my needs and would be cheaper from the Harmony Smart Control.I bought a receiver (onkyo tx-nr717) which has 2 HDMI out and I think it outputs to both at the same time. So I...
Would I be able to turn on and select the correct input / output as described above for all my devices with just the basic remote? Beyond that 90% of the time I will just need the basic functions. Volume from the AV receiver, the Apple TV buttons (so few I guess all of them should be available?), changing channels, EPG on the set-top box, and the basic play, pause, stop, fast forward etc on the blu-ray. Can the basic remote do these? Also, is this a learning remote so I...
Hello, I will have my AV equipment hidden and I am considering the Harmony Smart Control, but I am not sure how much I can do with just the included remote. I have an android phone, but I would prefer not to use it as a remote, or to use it only occasionally. (I know that the Ultimate would be better but I don't want to spend so much money) Here is what I will need to control: - TV - Projector - AV Receiver - Apple TV - TV Set Top Box - Blu-ray player So the...
I tried this projector with my Apple TV, Android tablet and Laprop, and in all cases I get what looks like underscan (although it might be something totally irrelevant). A "border of light" about 1 inch around the projected image. Is this normal?
Does the ND filter help the RBE issues? Will this one do: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0042RIJ3W/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2RCXAQDK3T42M I am looking for a filter that will fit the lens, as I don't like the idea of taping something there.
Hello, I recently got the Benq 1070w and unfortunately both me and my wife can see the rainbow effect. Currently I am projecting on a wall, but soon we will be using a 92" white screen, which means the projector might be a bit too bright for our setup An ND filter seems to offer some solution to both issues and I want to try it. Any suggestions of good ND filters that will fit the Benq? * the walls / ceiling are white, so I don't want to reduce the light output by too...
If you are sensitive to the rainbow effect wouldn't it be more reasonable to get an LCD projector instead of another DLP?
Thanks. Turning down the brightness (using the brightness control) doesn't have any negative effect, such as reduced contrast?
Thanks. I guess the camera can't lie, and there must be some RBE in order to be recorded (I don't think those issues are created by the camera itself) but it is good to know that the camera exaggerates the issue to a great degree and thus seeing the RBE in the recorded video does not mean I will see it when watching the projector directly.Are there other such kind of demos of this projector, which are recorded with a better camera, and which do not show the RBE?
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