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Check out my review of the ValueView glasses.They work great for me.
Me too.155"
We need to view each other's theaters live since we live so close to each other.
It took awhile to find the perfect light, but I think we finally found it. I wanted something close to the ceiling to avoid the look of a dining room hanging light and I wanted it to look a little commercial like. I found it on eBay for about $160. It wasn't the easiest light to hang, but I think it turned out great. It's got 9 bulbs so it puts out lots of light for the game table.
Chris said that both sides have the same look and properties. He recommends using the inside but my outside looked slightly better so I used it instead.
Let us know when your glasses arrive and if you like them.
I did a review of these glasses. Check my posts for it.I spoke with the owner of this company and he sent me free samples to test with my Epson 6020.He mentioned that all their RF glasses have the same circuitry. They just market them to specific brands.This being the case, if the Sharp glasses are listed as RF, then they should work.Jeffrey
They are double closet doors. A closet was inside the theater space and I repurposed the doors.
Thanks. I'm very proud to own cels from a cartoon I grew up with.
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