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Yeah it'll be against a wall pretty much no chance of anyone walking into it. The stand is rated for 300lbs.
I am ready to pull the trigger on this tv since I just messed up my other tv. I really want the 60" over the 55" due to the small $ increase for an extra 5". However, my tv stand says "up to 55" and "up to 300lbs". I realize it may not look pretty hanging over 1.5" on both sides of the stand but is this really a serious safety issue? My tv stand is 52" wide and I read the 60" is 55" wide. Yes I could just get a new tv stand but I just got this one a few months back.
So I messed up my 55" last night. Attempting to move it my friend who was helping grabbed the top of the tv and squeezed rather than holding it by the edge with no pressure on the screen. Now I have a small 1" strip of pixels that look black and have these fire red/yellow pixels surrounding them in the shape of a thumb print. If I massage the screen a bit up there they go away but slowly come back over the next 10 minutes. Did some pixels burst or what happened here? ...
Hi guys. The last plasma I owned was about 3 years ago. It was a panasonic top of the line at the time 54" (54VT25) if I recall. I ended up selling it after a few months because it had a buzz/hum that could be heard when watching TV at normal volumes, it got pretty hot and it was a power hog. The ST60 has drawn me back into wanting a plasma again. Just curious how far Plasma's have come in the past 3 years? I'm looking at the 55ST60 or 60ST60. Do they have any...
I have an odd question. I mounted this tv awhile back. I am moving to a place where i cannot mount so i need to re-attach the stand. I lost the screws hat connect tv to stand. Anyone know what size scews i need? I have never had something that i needed screws for and didnt have at least one to compare to. Help!
I have the 55" and i just get ota channels. There is a ton of lag when going up or down in channels and even in the menus. Is this normal or is there anything i can do? My 55" model from 2011 is much faster. I have the latest firmware.
Just picked it up at Frys for 1199. And in case anyone is curious this tv fits in the back of a Honda fit! Barely haha
For the 55lm7600, can someone measure the size of the box for me? And how do I need to set in my vehicle? I'm guessing I shouldn't lay it flat.
Hi VT50 owners. As a past owner of the 54VT25 one of the things that drove me nuts was the buzz/hum it made. How is this VT50 in this regards? Also, can anyone comment on the thickness and energy consumption/heat of the VT50 vs VT25. I found some conflicting information online. Thanks all! (Making my way back to plasma after an LED/LCD adventure)
I see this for 55" at Frys for $999. Is it a good deal at this price despite the issues?
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