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Since the almost year ive owned this tv to my naked eye Ive never been able to see a difference. If you ever do notice one please let us all know
Thanks to you and wxman for confirming this. Ive never seen a difference either and this is why I no longer have the CAL modes on my tv activated and use movie mode for everything.
Absolutely and the blacks are inky deep too.
These are great settings for us 64 inch owners. I urge others to try them. Thanks so much for posting! The only adjustments I made were turning the cell light and brightness up.
Im still using philwojos D-Nice settings on my 64. Would love to see yours how yours compares since their have been so many FW updates since his calibration.
Have you tried doing a smart hub and or factory reset?
Wow thats awesome you found this out. Do you recommend the whole unplugging thing when using this method? I wonder if there is a code to turn on the CAL modes this way too.
I look forward to someone trying this. Does it make you run through setup again like the SM factory reset does?
Well no new samsung plasmas at CES. No new models till mid-year according to this CNET article. http://ces.cnet.com/8301-35303_1-57616627/samsung-well-have-new-plasmas-just-not-at-ces-2014/
So the samsung rep at worst buy is pushing panasonic lol. Hes probably right. The 3D on this tv is pretty crappy due to popping and crosstalk. As for black optimizer some notice it and some dont. Its subtle but I can personally see a difference. Try keeping it on dark room. Thats what I see it on in my calibration settings.
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