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Thanks Jazz...that's what I was looking for...
With all due respect this clearly is an audio question...the player question is just a secondary one if any one wanted to chime in...
Just was wondering if there was a big difference in audio quality between players through hdmi to a receiver....is there much as long as they decode the new formats? I don't have analog hookups on my denon so that's out of the question.can anyone rec a new or older player with good sound that isn't 4-500
Can anyone comment on the picture quality?
I couldn't agree more... IMO the 391 is a better receiver than the pioneer 821 and prob runs a lot cooler. My brother has a 1121 from last yr and it runs hot! take that for what it worth but just saying i wouldn't make that upgrade. i like the denon/pio combo
From the research i have done most panels on the shelf now labeled with a "Y" should be s-ips panels....take it for what its worth
Hey winston,might be a good choice for a review but seriously be interesting to see the chipset or who makes it...
Well just a lil update on what I thought was a bad picture or bad signal ..I switched my cable box to 1080i instead of 720p and wow....I have my prestine picture. This set is everything I was looking for. Weaker blacks than some sets but colors that are unreal. Ill take that tradeoff for the ips panel anyday
Phase is correct..the label is on the edge of the box. Hey phase what hd antenna do u use?
His settings look good...but I'm finding that some channels look awful while others are incredible...I'm thinking it's the source ...I really don't want to return this tv..when its on its on..the weak black level doesn't bother me like some others said and the color is great.
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