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I have the 3000 with DSP, and based on my experience believe it will give you what you desire for high pass and more. Much like the BFD, a series of filters can be set which, when combined...act as a high pass at a lower freq than 20 Hz.
I can think of a couple very successful ID subwoofer companies...one strange coincidence is they seem to interact with their customers.... Yup....right here....on the Internet!
yes, I had one like this and it rocks for the money, whether the servo mechanism does anything or not I can't say. I did notice when pushed it seemed to have some type of built in protection or limiter
true, I mis spoke. So when these same drivers are also responsbile for higher frequencies (say 300 hz for example), is there any advantage to a larger cone with less excursion vs. a small driver with huge excursion? Speaking generally of course...
Remember, it is really two bridged 3000s (one for each channel) so yes 4 ohms stereo and there is no such thing as bridging one of these amps
enjoyed your post but not clear on this portion. I would think the sub would be crossed over at a point where there would be minimal vocal content coming out of the sub, and what there is would be non-directional.
i've always been a fan of big cones...and think the trend of smaller woofers has made a lot of modern speakers have wimpy bass. Remember when any self respecting set of rock and roll speakers had 15s or at least 12s? They try to make up for this with multiple smaller woofers...but many times come up short. My experience has been that regardless of having a good sub, the more competant the mains are at bass, the better your system will sound. And to make that happen...
I look forward to the more frequent implementation of low bass in Quality movies. You guys have to admit, a lot of the same old movies referenced here containing the same scenes played over and over...just aren't good movies. Well...master and commander was pretty good I guess.
Swap wiring see what happens. External not internal wiring.
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