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A few places that come to mind - when Kirk is talking to Spock excitedly about the potential for a five year mission early in the movie. And immediately afterwards when Pike yells that the civilization saw a starship rise out of the ocean.
Cav,As mentioned in my last post, things have definitely improved from where I've started so thanks again for that.Now that I've watched a few movies to get a feeling for the new positioning, I am still noticing some issues with the center. Mainly, there are periods during dialog when the voices sound somewhat "harsh". It's kind of hard for me to fully define it, but it takes on a somewhat speakerphone like quality (not to that extreme but more that's the kind of thing I'm...
Batpig and/or JD,Any thoughts regarding my latest observations?Thanks,Matt
Has anyone else noticed issues with random portions of harsh dialog when viewing this movie? During certain scenes to me the audio quality appears to degrade said the speaker is being pushed to hard (it's not - using an NHT 2C well below reference).
Cav, Wanted to post a quick update with the system. I was able to find a way to get the center propped up quite a bit more and it certainly helped make the dialog clearer. Not sure why the measured level is the same yet the voices are much easier to make out - ill probably try to find some threads about having the center close to the ground but I am a believer now Also, I think I found the sweet spot for toeing in my speakers at about 12" in front of the center point....
Speaking of calibration, what window sizes and type (percentage and standard vs APL) have people found the most success with on this set? I did my last one with larger standard windows and didn't notice any significant ABL influence but have been reading lately that people like to calibrate plasmas using an ABL pattern to better reflect how the set performs during normal content viewing. Thoughts?
I will provide plots tomorrow, but the short summary is the test DID show that I actually got very stable output in the same lower frequency region that was causing problems earlier when doing as batpig suggested (I played test tones with dolby iix cinema). However, there ALSO appeared to be a significant rise in output in the 2.5-7k range that wasn't observed before which I don't really get, unless the multi-channel stereo mode is severely band limiting the output so this...
Sure - ill give that a shot tonight. Should I expect to see a flat response across those frequencies then when in that mode?
The distance was like 6.5" (not feet) from the speaker and right in the middle - the point was to eliminate the room variable.Like I said, when measuring the L speaker or the C speaker plugged into the L spot on the plots look very flat compared to the C speaker plugged into the C port. I actually didn't move the SPL meter or speaker at all when recording the posted plots - just changed where it was plugged in on the AVR.What I would like to know is is this some artifact...
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