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Did you go for the one from Amazon? I'm debating just going that route since my wall isn't white anyways (tan colored)
Please let us know. I just had the fan fix done as well. Everything looks ok from a fit perspective, though it's hard to tell. All screws around the bezel are only finger tight.
So it sounds like you still calibrate to a gamma target of 2.4 for a dark room with a bias light. Along those same lines, do you bump up contrast due to the eye strain relief? If so, how much? I noticed you can't really clip any colors or whites even on max settings so I don't think that would be an issue.
Yea, figured it was something either due to screen settings or source.Looks like the movie tested was actually 1.85:1 - so I guess that makes sense! Funny how I thought it was full screen before lol
On my set - there is still about a 3/4" "dead zone" on the top and bottom of the picture - even for animated movies. I take it this is normal? It's not present on any of the menus and I honestly never really noticed before and also had the impression the whole screen was filled
Many of them have torque settings though that you can set pretty light.For reference, the techs that recently did my foam fix used electric screwdrivers and by spot checking a few they were probably more loose than I would have done by hand
Does it really matter?
I had IR for several minutes after only listening to music for about 2 hours on the PS3 (from the track info)! Granted it cleared up pretty quick, but still..Those that "have no IR" do you mean you experience what I mention above, or do you never see IR for any duration?I have about 800hrs on the panel.
Wanted to share my experience with the "fan fix" I have a July build set that had a bad whining harmonic fan noise. Despite the paranoia about the micro cracks, I decided to go for the fix anyways because the fan noise was particularly loud in my case. I made sure the tech looked over the service bulletin before starting the work as well . After the work was done, the rear cover appears to fit within the groove on the back of the set and is not riding up on the outer...
Oh no - another one!Did you have service done on your set? Does it look like the bezel was incorrectly reinstalled in the region of the cracks?
New Posts  All Forums: