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Tux all these measurements are useless, please describe the speaker using stereophile lingo :P
Resistors are rated in wattage not voltage. I think he is talking about attenuating the tweeter and relating that to wattage.
Once I am not broke I am getting a 1099 trio, but the horn baffle job you did here is fantastic, would love to replicate that on a 1099.
How is it comparing to the 1099 ?
Damn Tux, you work so fast .... makes me feel lazy. I was wondering if using the foam behind the WG is a good idea if you are going to bondo in the end. The foam can slowly be compressed and allow the WG to move and crack the bondo. The bondo should act as a good seal making the foam unnecessary.
My bad.
The SH50 MSRP is $3950, the street price is alot less.
I think the second option makes more sense when the size of your screen is comparable to the size of the wall itself .... which is your case.
Yup, and there is a huge difference between the UcD and Ncore OEM modules.
The Ncore amp is an OEM module, theta only has to add a power supply and chassis. The feedback used in the ncore is very different beast than existing class D amps, he has a white paper floating around on his site.
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