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Where can I find your latest settings?
Has anyone applied these new settings to a 55"?
So I think acouple of scenes may have bad a glitch. I unsele Ted acouple and copied to disc with no problem. I used the pc based burner with DVD +r dl disc, played perfect on bd85. It actually looked as good as it did straight from camera hdmi to tv. Hopefully no other problems.
Phenom 2 quad core, 2.8ghz,8 gig ram,windows 7
Writer was the only thing running, the settings are set for camera assist, camera power was plugged in. It seemed to go through the first 8 scenes, then froze. I'll delete and try again.
I just downloaded 11 scenes, about 3 gigs in 60p. It went to my pc o.k. , but keeps having an error while converting files with HD writer. Any thoughts?
Are most pc based DVD burners avchd compliant? Sorry for all the questions, just want to make sure this is the right camera.
So what is the advantage of recording in1080p/60, if you can't actually make a copy and play it, other than from the camera?
So I got the tm90 today, haven't had a chance to really play with it though. When recorded at 60p, can't you make a blu ray disc at that rate?I think my bd85 player plays at both 24 or 60? The camera doesn't appear to retain the manual settings I set when switched between ia and manual. True?Thanx
I'm thinking of an sd90, but am abit confused. Can you play 60p recording by just plugging the camera into your hdmi on tv? Also, can't you load the file onto a computer and burn a disc? Blu-ray or DVD? Thanx for any info
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