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I have the one from Monoprice that also passes Ethernet and work perfectly. If you think you might need some Ethernet capabilities at the destination (and have it already present at the source) it is probably worth the slight premium. In terms of technology and video capabilities/performance the two should work identically.
I'm not quite sure I understand what you are suggesting. I have an HTPC in my rack that displays on a TV in a different room. My goal is to be able to use a wireless keyboard and mouse to control the HTPC but the distance is too far for the wireless range. I do have cat5e cables run between the TV location and the rack so if I can send usb over cat5 I can then use a regular wireless keyboard to send commands to the PC.Unfortunately this won't work as the computer is in...
My TV and HTPC are pretty far apart so I haven't been able to use a wireless keyboard b/c of the range. Currently I'm using remote login with a laptop but it is a bit of a pain. Has anybody tried using a USB over Cat5 device coupled with a wireless keyboard? I feel like this should work but don't have any real knowledge about it. I'd love to find a keyboard that sends IP commands to the computer but I haven't had any luck in finding one.
There's really no such thing as a 1.3 or 1.4 cable. If you are seeing that on the marketing it is kind of BS. Just look for high speed and you'll be fine. At 1.5ft I'm guessing any cable you are looking at will be high speed. You can get one on monoprice for about $2.
A lot of time the purpose of these types of switches is to not have to keep any local bulky A/V equipment for a clean look. Good luck trying to hide an AVR behind a flat mounted TV.
Impressive. I'm a DIY Crestron guy but my system is a lot more basic. I'll look forward to that e-mail. Best of luck with your system.
As another "DIY" guy I'm feeling a little less manly after reading this post (assuming of course you aren't exaggerating). Just curious what type of educational background/degrees you have to even contemplate including some of these ideas into your system. Please post these other things which you haven't mentioned, perhaps a separate thread for all of us to read about the kinds of things that are possible in the HA field if you have the skills to get them...
Go for Gigabit (10/100/1000). This refers to the speed of the data that can be passed across the network. 10/100 would cap out at 100Mbit or 12.5MB/sec while 10/100/1000 is gigabit and could pass 125MB/sec (though you might not achieve the full spec speed due to hard drive speed limitations). You currently won't see internet speeds that take advantage of Gbit yet but if you are passing media from one computer to another through your home you'll appreciate the extra...
One of the most important things when doing HDMI distribution is the fact that most switchers downgrade the audio and video to the lowest common denominator. You will see hundreds of threads here or reviews on places like monoprice where individuals are upset that they are only getting 1080i or 2.0 stereo sound at their home theaters. Almost always it turns out that one of the switcher outputs is going to a basic TV with stereo sound. I'm not sure yet if boxes exist to...
Very informative, thanks for the honest answer rather than a pure marketing spin.
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