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My pro modes are unlocked, but there is no way to recreate all the THX Cinema settings because some of the values are grayed out. It would be helpful if someone could unlock it and get a look at the settings but I don;t know if that is possible. Not eve. sure why pixel orbiter is locked out in THX to begin with.
I considered waiting too but I got impatient. There is also a 3851 on the way but no release date announced yet, could be May/June and then another few months for prices to become reasonable.
Waiting for the reaction/excuses from the 8500 posse. They will probably claim that it was an LG plasma stuffed into the body of an 8500.
I want to use pixel orbiter but I can't seem to match the PQ of THX Cinema in the custom modes. Until I can, it stays off and I manage IR with mixed content and pixel flipper only.
I know I am late to the thread but I just returned the sony 260 after spending a week with it and replaced it with the 4221. The sony was ok but the sub was disappointing. The crossover was too high which led to sounds and voices coming from the sub that should have been from the bar only. It sounded bad and it localized the sub. The overall sound was really loose and boomy, just too much bass in a bad way. The vizio sub is much cleaner and punchier, with a lower crossover...
I don't, and I don't need to feel like I have the "best" tv. Just because I bought a VT60 doesn't mean I don't appreciate the 8500, I talked my dad into buying one 2 weeks ago. It just gets tiring hearing so much BS thrown around on what should be a source for trusted, reliable information.
The hate is not towards the samsung, it is towards the people that are misrepresenting what it is and what it is not by twisting the facts.
People love to manipulate the shootout results but the facts are undeniable when looking at the scorecards. The samsung side always points out that the experts only chose the panasonics by a slim .1 margin which is true. What they always leave out is that the margin was only so small because of a big win in the day mode category. Every other category was won by the panasonic, in some cases by a significant amount like .4 or .7. Enjoy your day mode, and I will enjoy my...
It wasn't for me, I bought the 5300. You are also losing the smart hub features with the 5300 but if you have a roku or apple tv already you probably wouldn't use those anyway.
That's over 11 years even if you never turn it off. Not something to worry about.
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