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I agree but I like to plan for the worst case and hope for the best. I like to research the snot out of stuff before I jump in head first. I feel a bit like a grumpy old man though, as so many have expressed interest in accepting pallets, no questions asked, if they were able.At this point, I am agreeing with this:...since it seems most people that have responded have access to US PO box services or friends near the border. There isn't enough interest here to entertain...
If all else fails I've got one last ace up my sleeve too, a friend in Sarnia with a US PO box service. But that requires gas to Sarnia, $5 charge per package, still have to pay duty and on top of that I owe her a favor. Still cheaper than USPS though, but I hate to bother her.
I responded in the Ontario Group Shipping thread. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1425304/ontario-group-shipping-for-seos-kit The lack of responses so far is pretty sad. I'm not sure why it's limited to only Ontario though, maybe we can open the conversation up to Canadians in general?
I've been thinking how to respond to this for the last couple of days. I'm going to mark myself down as "Other" in the poll since this is something that I could do but I have a lot of reservations. I'll bring up a few here but there's a lot of stuff to talk about before accepting pallets. On the one hand, I live in southwestern Ontario near London. I'm about 5 minutes away from highway 401 and about 10 minutes away from the post office, which would presumably make for...
I think a pair of SEOS 12s and their CDs will be a very popular package.Based on a 17 lb package 18x12x12 (random but should be more than big enough), the USPS price is $64.05 in store or $60.85 online. The Canada Post price for the same package from BC to Southwestern Ontario is $32.28.That's almost exactly half price, and doesn't even include the $5 Canada Post surcharge for USPS packages. I think that's worth looking into.
Actually that's exactly what I wanted, thanks very much. (That's plastic SEOS 12, right?)Hopefully someone can weigh the little waveguides too, I'm guessing about 1/2 lb each.
Hi, I know Erich is pretty busy lately so thought I'd ask here. For those of us trying to figure out how much international shipping is going to cost it would be nice to know how much the items weigh. I'm primarily interested in plastic SEOS 12, all available CDs and the little 6 inch round waveguide. But I'm sure it would be appreciated by us international folks if anyone with any diysoundgroup products and a scale could list the weights of the products. If this info...
Try posihfopit. There's a freeware version and (from what I remember) it's braindead simple to use. I don't remember if it needs a VST host or not but that's simple enough to work out. I think this is the link to the right page. http://www.aixcoustic.com/index.php/..._edition/30/0/ There may be additional plug ins that do what you want for whatever media player you are using. You might want to check into that option as well.
When pushed to their limits the tapped horn will almost always have at least a slight advantage in controlling port compression and power compression. But at normal usage levels, soho54 is right when he says not really.
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