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I also got film from the person in this post. My TV is a PT-60LC-13, 60" and the film he sent me was too small so he sent me some uncut film that I could size. Worked great .. FOR A WHILE. Now I have the yellow back again. I was able to keep the original filter and this time around I'm planning on epoxy gluing it to the glass. (I'm looking for high temp optical epoxy) Is everyone else still OK with their film? I've only had mine done for about 3-4 months.
Here's the best thread for this problem .. cheap to fix .. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1157338/problem-with-panasonic-pt-43lc14-yellow-tint-covering-most-of-screen-convergence-ok
Check out this post. It's about your problem .. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1157338/problem-with-panasonic-pt-43lc14-yellow-tint-covering-most-of-screen-convergence-ok
I've followed this thread for a while given that I have a PT60LC13, which I bought used from someone that had it serviced under warranty and then was worried too much about it to be happy with it (face it people, things break from time to time). Anyway the bulb life has been excellent .. 8000 hrs between replacements, and even though I have the repair kit I haven't needed it. BUT HERE'S SOMETHING IMPORTANT I'VE FOUND THAT NOBODY HAS TALKED ABOUT SO I WANTED TO POST IT...
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