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When the cable company and the local channel are in a pissing match over fees and pull the signal from the air, I just record the local channel using my existing tuners. It is great and it gives me about 10 additional channels in HD that my cable provider does not. I have a Tivo HD XL with an outside antenna to every TV in the house. I just used an old satellite distribution center for the cables to get TV.
For the record, I would pay an extra $100 for the basic Roamio if it had the ability to record digital on 3 tuners and OTA on one tuner.
Doctego: Do you have a Harmony 700 or a Harmony One? If so, what do you put down for the channel the TV must be on and what for the sound bar? I am confused as it doesn't work the same as my HT-CT100. Thanks for your comments on the first issue. I am going to use the sound bar HDMI inputs but I have to figure out my Harmony's too. I think I figured it out. Channel is HDMI 1 which is the output from the sound bar to the TV for three devices and the Sound bar is...
Thank you. The local expert at Best Buy would hook it up as you suggested. He said the only difference I might have by going the other alternative is a slight chance of voice/video synch problems.
Is it preferable to just run your devices through your existing TV HDMI inputs and run an optical cable to the sound bar from the TV or run your device HDMI hook ups to the sound bar then run an HDMI from the sound bar to say, HDMI 1 on your TV and an optical cable from the TV to the sound bar as the television is non-ARC capable? I use a Harmony 700 and a Harmony One to switch between my BD, Tivo, and Roku 3. I would appreciate a response from anyone who can answer this...
Thanks to mabuttra for clarifying the impact to my Sony and my DTVpal. I disabled TV Guide today on my DTVpal and reset the machine. After the reboot, it took about 3 minutes to get the time set (correctly according to my atomic clock) and the only real difference is I now get 24 hours of data rather than a week. In addition, the information about each show is rather limited. It took another five minutes to populate the guide and that was all there was to it. I did...
Do you think the fate of the DTV Pal is any different than that of the Sony?
There is no "warm" setting available. The warmest setting is "normal". I fixed my problem by reducing the "color". Thanks for everyone's support.
Thank you for your kindness and your point is very clear.
I don't know what an OP is but I believe this is my first and only post to this forum.
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