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Just got a Samsung 360 from DirecTV to replace dead Toshiba DST-3000. Not getting channel mappings for WKEF-HD or WRGT-HD (to 22-1 and 45-1, respectively). Also, not getting program info. for ANY of the local digitals except 5-1. Anybody else have the same problems?
I just got a refurbrished Samsung 360 from DirecTV to replace my dead Toshiba DST-3000. However, I can't see any native 720p output (ESPN-HD, ABC, etc.) on my (old) Toshiba TN50X81. I have to convert all HD to 1080i. I can't find any adjustments I need make in my TN50X81 owners manual to display 720p. Any ideas?
Am thinking about switching from DirecTV to TWC in my area (Dayton, OH), because my neighbor's tree is growing rapidly and my OTA HD is unreliable. Question: In general, how do ESPN-HD and HDNet look on TWC compared to DirecTV. I know that DirecTV sometimes fiddles with the bandwidth which can degrade the quality. Does the same happen with cable operators?
Hello, Haven't been to this topic for quite awhile (although I started it!). My question is: What local Dayton HD's is TWC currently carrying? (or maybe an easier question, are there any it doesn't carry?) I am currently a DirecTV subscriber getting local HD OTA, but my neighbor's tree is growing and I'm tired of rain fade. Also, my OTA is spotty at best.
What's the difference between the transmission of 22-1 and 45-1? I thought they are at the same location. I just got my new Zenith Silver Sensor and am pulling in all the locals at 100% strength with no problems except 45-1. It's showing up at 100%, but breaking up like mad. BTW, I am in Kettering approx. 5.5 miles ESE from the transmitters.
You're not going to have much luck about getting Dayton locals. DirecTv uses the Nielsen breakdowns by zip code.
Yes, on DirecTV at about 7:00am. (I think Dish has had them for several months). This is the result of the satellite launch last month. They'll be free for 2 months.
Just a little background...The show and DVD were filmed over 2 sold-out nights at the 5,000-seat Fraze Pavillion in Kettering, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton. It is a unique venue in that it is smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood! Retirement homes on one side, apartments on the other. Ms. Crow indicated that it was one of the best places she's ever performed at.
BasilS - Don't know about free locals for a year, but just wanted to make you aware, if you didn't already know, that DirecTV will only send the analog locals, not their digital (i.e. HD) versions.
I've received no answer either from 7online about 41-2.
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