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To show how poorly-trained the DirecTV technical service people are, I called them right after I posted the original message. The guy had me try channel 400, had me reset my box, had me check transponder 28 (the HDs are on 23 and 25!). Then when the stations reappeared during our conversation he said my LNB was going out!
At just about 5:00pm EDT on Friday I lost both HD stations on DirecTV. Anybody else experience this?
Called the programming dept. of WHIO 41. Claimed that only Sat. and Sun. were in HD. Tried to explain that Thurs. and Friday were also. Said she'd check on it, but I don't have much faith.
I have noticed the 1-2 second "refocusing" on each CBS HD event going back to the football season
Some potential good news for those of you in Columbus regarding Sinclair...The Sinclair-owned NBC affiliate in Dayton has been testing their DTV channel the past week by passing through the HD Olympic feed.
My local CBS DTV station takes at least 4-5 seconds to appear on the screen after I change to it. All my other HD sources (HDNet, HBO, and another OTA) take 1-2 seconds. Anybody know why this might be?
Minor problem with my DST-3000, certainly not major enough to contact Toshiba about. I was wondering if anybody else has had one or more of the 9 'My Logos' entries continually drop from the list about 2-3 days after they are set. In my case, I have set the bottom right one at least 4 times, only to have the 'Add Channel' label show up a couple of days later.
I have a Toshiba TN50X81 RPTV and a DST-3000. No problem with reds on HDNet or OTA HD.
NW Sorry I didn't see your earlier post. I guess I didn't go past page 1. Thanks for the info.
About the only time I paid attention to audio synch was the commercial with the WNBA basketball player talking about her son because they showed a straight-on view of her face. On those, the audio was right on.
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