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Hi. I am looking into buying a ptojector and I was initially thinking about the vivitek h1085. But then I came across the epson 3600/8350, so does anyone have any comment of which one I should buy? I intend to use projector for movie and gaming, and also in both ambient light and dark condition. Thanks Tin
I am a newbie going into the home cinema entertainment system and currently looking into a screen for my projector, Panasonic AE4000. I come across this screen called the MovieMagic but found no review on it. The only thing I know is that it is a screen produced by projectiondreams.com So, does anyone has one of such screen to share their view and experience? Many Thanks
Hi, First time posting here. yuweimichael - Thanks so much for the update. I am looking into daylight screens, how do you compare yourself with screen innovation black diamond, and maybe also dnp supernova?
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