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Get yourself one of the commercially available video calibration discs (Digital Video Essentials, Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark) and use it. I personally am partial to the Spears and Munsil disc. Short of hiring a professional, this is the best you can do to maximize the quality of your projected image.
I too would love to be a part of this. Meaning count me in. PM me, or ask me to PM the relevant party or parties.
I haven't personally heard anything but my SCS4s, so all I can offer is supposition.If I had that nagging desire to add Thiel clarity, but was worried about bass response, I would think about the PowerPoints. They don't have the same bass that bookshelves or floors standers do, but they do have cabinets, and they do have better base that the in-walls, and you would have much more placement flexibility.Bye the way, I am ALSO the VERY satisfied owner of an SVS sub. My...
Well, I have a number of CD's from which I have heard details I cannot recall ever hearing before.I also have a number of CDs (older ones) that I almost never listen to anymore because the abysmal mastering that was used on them is now painfully obvious.In a nutshell, it really is the best I can remember hearing. I don't know anyone else who cares about high end audio, so the only setups I have heard that might be better would have been in a relatively high end Audio...
Yeah, and the UPA-7 was really OVERBUILT (from a marketing standpoint), one reason it is no longer made. The XPA-5 (next up in their ladder) is less than twice as powerful (300x5 @4ohms), and doesn't have as much capacitance as the UPA-7. The fact is that the ONLY Emotiva amp that it would make any sense for ME to upgrade to (that I would likely hear any real difference in sound quality with) is the XPR-5 (600x5@4 ohms). Well, three XPA-2s (500x2@4 ohms) would probably...
Well, it gets as loud as I want it to. The upa7 has one power transformer that supplies all seven channels. It is rated for all channels driven. I am quite certain that there is a lot more than 185 watts/ch in reserve when it is operating in stereo, for instance.
I am driving three SCS4s (across the front) plus two DefTech BP4x surrounds with an Emotiva UMC-1/UPA-7 (7X185 watts@ 4ohms) combination. The best sound I have ever had, and no hissing to be had here.
If you bought the Thiels new, don't forget they will need something between 50 and 200 hours to break in and truly open up. My apologies if you have already done so.
A little more information is in order. Is all viewing going to be with the room blacked out? Or do you want to be able to do some viewing with some ambient light.?
White Fusion simply means using the TWH instead of an acrylic mirror. You still spray it with Silver Fire.
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