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Comcast, as of yet, doesn't have a deal to carry it. Only Dish Network and U-Verse have carriage agreements. This will probably change by August, but, as of now....
Good! Hopefully the content will be absorbed by a channel that people actually have! That being said, I hope people actually get the SEC Network, too..Directv? Sports Leader? Not always. I get all my local RSNs here in NC with Directv, where Time Warner does not. Neither carry CSS, if that's local in NC (I have no idea!) I know many places, it's the opposite - cable is the only way to get all the RSN channels (LA, Texas, Oregon, Philadelphia, etc). Annoying!
It is probably someone at WHKY who hasn't figured out how to broadcast SD 16:9 properly. Is it anamorphic or traditional stretchovision?
All RSN channels (except TWCSN, TWCD, and SNY) have overflow feeds on Directv. Even ESPN, MLB Network, NHL Network, NBC Sports, and BTN have up to 4 alternates each. They recently re-aligned the RSN channels so they are always the same channel number. SunSports is channel 653 and the alternate is 653-1. FS Florida is 654 and the alternates are 654-1 and 654-2, kinda like OTA. Some RSNs have 5 alternates. The lack of alternates on cable is strange, and I am surprised it's...
Sorry to bring bad news... It's on FSFL+2, which I doubt is on cable. (Directv channel 654-2).This is a problem in NC, too. Braves/Hurricanes are on the same channel and TWC doesn't always give you both.
Many of the top-rated programs are sports.I hope that MLB EI and mlb.tv users get access to all of those Fox games, unlike the past.
Get Directv. Cable HD picture is no comparison, for the most part.
The Raleigh market has two.WGPX channels:16-1 ion HD16-2 Qubo16-3 ion Life16-4 ion Shop16-5 QVC-OTA16-6 HSNYeah, not missing much!
Better use of what we have would do it. We can't keep losing HD sports OTA - I noticed there is no more Fox MLB on Saturday OTA, it's only on FS1 and Fox Deportes. Sports in SD is annoying. The Bulls, Railhawks, and Div 2 football on MeTV from WRAZ are not bad looking though, but that is because WRAL/WRAZ actually care. Sports on 8-2 look pretty good, too. Have you seen basketball on WFMY2? Just awful. Many times, the ACC Network on WRAL2 or MeTV 50-2 are shown in HD on...
Those who receive WUVC OTA know that two 1080i HD broadcasts are already occurring on the same singal: 40-1 Univision HD. 40-2 Unimas HD. 40-3 BounceTV SD. 40-4 GetTV SD. I didn't say it was GOOD HD... but, honestly, it's not as bad as one would think. WTVD has 2 720p HD signals, ABC and LWN and a pointless 3rd subchannel of LWN SD.
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