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I currently have two tap'd horns, and I am building two more. They are lil mike's microwreckers, and they are seriously incredible. Here are pics of the setup, trying to figure out the best way for maximum SPL. I have a wooden deck above me, and the corner/walls are brick (as you can see from the picture). Right now I have both mouths together aiming towards the wall, above 2 feet away from the wall.
Can you share the EQ ? Have a minidsp and I do want. Thanks!
Would you recommend the Alpine instead of the Kicker's? (They seem to be a lot cheaper, may be able to build 4 or 6 microwreckers)What amp are you using to run two of them?Thanks Storm!
Hey Storm, good suggestion. I mean, the builder is giving me a good deal but it's still going to be about $800/cabinet (I believe) without the speakers.It definitely limits me to 1 and MAYBE 2. The microwrecker sounds like they stack well and is something I could do, which means I could get more of them!
Thinking of going with a few previous suggestions of multiple Tuba 60 cabinets. One of the builders in AL is giving be a good deal. Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll report back!
I could get all the panels pre-fabbed at home depot, and I'm fairly confident I could assemble it. If the benefits of the horn are really that high!
Thanks for all the replys! I done mind sacrificing anything under 35hz for more spl. With that said, the horn builds seen much more complex, though I may just be scared off. I definitely want high spl and don't mind sacrificing the lower end. Still up in the air on what to go with! Thanks again for chiming in!
Ok, that was my question, thanks! Running them at 1250w/driver should be sufficient? Excited to get building! Drivers ordered
The CV does 2500W stereo at 2ohm, so two CV-5000s would be a fit for two boxes with four drivers total? (in a configuration similar to the JBL).(2 amps, 4 drivers, 2 boxes - right?)Also, I have an TC Sounds LMS Ultra 5400 that needs a new basket assembly because of a screw that came lose on the magnet which immediatelypenetrated the wiring at the bottom of the cone. The basket assembly seems to have really gone up in price (almost $500!) Should I just forget aboutusing...
This is absolutely fantastic. I'll start with it now and keep you guys all updated. Thank you!
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