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I wouldn't spend a dime over 500 on an AVR with your budget, and maybe consider spending less! Speakers will make a huge difference in how your system sounds, but most decent AVRs will sound the same. Not saying there is anything wrong with your choice, just saying throwing extra dollars at an AVR might give you some features you desire, but won't likely improve the sound quality of the system. You can certainly get a quality AVR for 300 dollars or sometimes even less! I...
IMHO, you will get the biggest single benefit from adding a AVR and L/R speakers...the second biggest improvement from adding a good sub. So logically, the center would come third, again, IMHO!
Agree with comments about needing a bigger sub. For a room the size you have, 2 12 inch subs will be optimal...but get a quality 12 inch sub from HSU, SVS or Rythmic. I also agree about the Ascend acoustic cmt340s! Good speakers...
I agree about the new sm versus the older ones. The newer series is a sonic improvement. However, I own the sm450s and was able to get them for 200/pr. The newer sm55s are 600/pr and I am not sure the sm55s are that much better. The sm350/450 are very good speakers, but are selling out and won't be around much longer...and the center speaker is hard to find, so maybe the point is moot!
The resident evil movie has great sound effects, not great movies, IMHO, but great sound! Underworld movies as well! 2012, great movie and great sound affects! Iron man movie, great! Avatar, Battle for Los Angeles, batman series, all great sound track, hell, Disney movies have great soundtracks!
Only one AVR/speaker concern...if you match a low power AVR with low sensitivity speakers, you system won't get very loud. As long as the sensitivity is upper 80s, most avrs will drive them fine!
Red, congrats on the purchase and I think you will enjoy those EMP speakers. The EMP subs are the best looking out there, but they discontinued they best sub, the EMP10i10i and there smaller 10 inch sub really doesn't move enough air for either of your rooms! For your upstair room, I would recommend a 1-2 sealed sub. You want real accurate bass, assuming you won't really be cranking the volume...but that is a large space to fill. As mentioned above by Trans, the SVS sb2000...
If people have 10 yr old receivers, then they don't have hdm1! My guess is very few people are using 10 yr old receivers, at least for HT (2 channel music, sure). A lot of people are using 10 yr old speakers, however!
Well, that is one big room with the high ceilings! While it looks like the listening position might be a reasonable distance to the speakers, most mortal subs are going to have a tough time in that room. I would assume with a designated theater, you don't need chest thumping bass in the living room? Really nice looking theater room, btw and I think you will like the EMP e55ti! Great speaker, not bass heavy or bright, just neutral with a slight bump in mid bass and a very...
Looks like the typical priopriator pin connectors that are common on HTiBs. Not sure if there is an easy way around that!
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