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WOW\!! that's pretty much all I can say, I mean what else is there to say. A setup most of us can only dream of. Congrats on your setup. That's it, I'm trading my cars for a couple '87 K cars!
+2, turned mine 90° inward and got rid of a null in the 50 to 80 zone
Wow!!, very nice. You are heading in the right direction with all your changes. Raising the center was definitely the thing to do and the panels are awesome.
Merry Christmas to you as well!! and to all AVS members!! cheers
Great setup! Really clean and I dig the backlights. What is your initial assessment of the Sony TV? I'm eyeing it myself. This will be my first non plasma since CRT TVs. Have you tried the 3D at all? I know you said your AVR is not 3D compatible, but have you tried anyway? Apparently, there are some cases where such receiver will pas the signal anyway. Any who, have a good one, cheers
Sounds good. Always nice to meet somebody else that likes this crazy expensive hobby . Just PM me a heads up to see if we can make something work. cheers
Well I don't live in NS but if you ever come to Moncton, I have 2 of them and you're welcome.
I'm going to second this. I also have used MCACC in the past. Not that it's terrible, but I agree that ARC is on another level. I also have used Audyssey and ARC is like MCACC and Audyssey all in one but better. I don't know if this will make sense but the fist thing I notice was the soundstage but with channel details I've ever heard before. Cohesive is a good word I guess. Also ARC is very powerful and forgiving of less than ideal rooms, like mine. I say go for it!!
lol, I'll check! No, it's because of shipping. 2 PS 12 for slightly under $250 with free delivery as it is shipped and sold from Amazon.ca. The Daytons are slightly under $200 but add another $280ish for delivery and duty as it is sold and shipped from some other company through Amazon.ca. Even if I order directly from P.A. it comes to the same. At the end, the PS12 are about $160 less at my door.As I said, judging by your impression of the PS10, seems like the PS12...
Thanks Jim. By "end table" I mean just something to put beer and popcorn, no lamps or picture frames or anything permanent on. Or possibly something to fit under a traditional table, not sure yet. Thanks for the info, I can get the ps12 for less at my door then the sub 1200. I'll wait for your official review and then decide. Cheers
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