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Hey Jim, I was reading on another thread that you were reviewing the sub-1200. Any timeline on when you will be posting? I'm looking to buy 2 new end tables and it would be between the OSD PS12 or the SUB 1200. I know you really liked the OSD PS10 so I'm assuming that the PS12 would be has good but enhanced. Looking forward for the review Cheers
What's a Bose?
in my 2400 cubic feet room, they're most excellent. No regrets and I would do it again
There would be no lamps or nothing permanent on them. Just to rest beer and popcorn while watching a movies. Just playing with the idea.
^^^ oh I've mentioned transducers and what it does. The look I've got afterward gave me the answer.
Fellows, My wife gave me the mandate to purchase 2 new end tables to put at each end of our couch for out "entertainment room". But she didn't specify what kind of end table, and a sub makes a great end table . I already have dual pb12-nsd so I'm doing pretty good for low end. I'm just thinking for some extra near field rumble. The thing is that I can't spend $1800 for 2 more pb12 for side table. I'm in Canada so my choices are somewhat limited. Within the range I...
^^^^^^ Awesome explanation eljaycanuck!
^^^^^ Somebody in my area has one for sale for $800.
Ah ok. Well you always have these guys for back up. Prices are the same as in the U.S.
You are aware that SVS has a Canadian retailer right? I'm asking because I'm on Sonic Boom Audio's site and I don't see B stock
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