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It looks intimidating! I can't only imagine how it sounds. I'm thinking very high SPL, no distortion/clipping and, more importantly, very nice neighbors. Very nice.
Thanks pcweber111! Yes, I love the tower as a center and will probably retain that format even when I get superior speakers...in the future...far far away.... Actually, after numerous and numerous placement attempts to get the best response from both speakers in my room, this got me the best results. Although they face each other, they are mostly blocked by the shelves. For the life of me, I couldn't get rid of the giant dip( between 80hz and 50hz) I was getting from...
Cool! just saved yourself a bunch of $$. You can put that saved cash towards another HSU VTF-2
No need of a second one, you would position it as any other tower vertically and not horizontally. Like so: If you research, you'll find that this is the best scenario as it eliminates some of the negatives of a conventional MTM designed center. Particularly improving the off axis response.
If tilting it doesn't work, the one thing you could do that would have a good chance of working is adding another SV10 for your center. This would require you raising your TV but the return should pay off. I had a fix TV stand and swapped it to a articulated model so I used the same holes in the wall and tilted the TV downward for optimal viewing angles You can check the link in my sig for what it looks like. Go towards the end of the thread for more recent pics. I had...
Is there a way we could see your setup first, especially the placement of your center and your whole L/C/R? We could assess it and perhaps give you recommendations that could save you $$$.
Very nice what you were able to accomplish with the space you have!! I may be wrong but something tells me that your surround backs wouldn't be much of an issue even if they are not ideally placed being dipoles, maybe I'm wrong though. Oh, you've taken wide speakers to a whole other level . cheers
Welcome to my club!! Actually, I'm "stupiderer" 'cause I've already pre ordered a PS4 last month
Wasn't aware that Scott Adkins was considered "wimpy"
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